Microblogging since 2001

September 19Qeexo all hands dinner. Back to where it all began a decade ago!
September 18Install footcups in CMU's bucket raft.
August 16Lots happening at Qeexo!
August 14Sink installed. Running water!
August 12Fab countertop for cabin.
August 7Today Show segment airs.
August 2NBC Nightly News story airs. Lester Holt says "wow".
July 31DeVrio wedding!
July 17Kick off 6-, make that 7-day Clarion Trip.
July 13NBC filming. B&A visit PGH.
July 4Finish ceiling trim. Roof party with friends.
June 30Finish gutter and rain barrel.
June 14Check out a bunch of equipment from CMU Explorers Club.
June 7Fleet expands with arrival of two new duckies.
May 21Cheat Canyon. Intense.
May 20Cheat Narrows. Too easy.
May 14Commencement. Yang and Gierad walk! Congrats Drs!
May 5FIGLAB dinner, with colleagues old and new.
April 29CHI 2022 kicks off in person. Reunited with J&E!
April 15Finally warm enough to install roof.
April 9Amy honored at Tartans on the Rise. Siewiorek retirement party. Carnival.
March 19Toilet goes in. Siding starts.
March 5Spring break in DR.
February 27Fireplace stones go in.
February 3First cone 10 class.
January 23Interior walls and trim.
January 8Insulation and front door.
January 4Roof penetrations for chimney.
January 2Windows start going in.
December 25D&A Frame loft.
December 15Miami & Keys for a few days.
December 12Framing and sheathing done. Tyvek time!
December 9First in-person departmental social event in years.
December 5Roof rafters.
November 27A&D frame a wall while we TG with Ogans.
November 13Start framing walls.
November 11Jim Morris farewell talk.
November 10Karan presents his PhD Thesis proposal.
November 3Place lumber order.
November 1Last rafting trip of the season with Craig and Viv.
October 31Start platform framing.
October 30Massive roof sedum planting day.
October 21University of Melbourne HCI Seminar.
October 16Hoffman foundations.
October 15Material drop at Hoffmann.
October 12Future Mayor Ed Gainey visits lab for roundtable. BayCHI Talk.
October 3Bring A&D out to cabin for first visit.
September 26Demo complete for new roof staricase. Materials arrive tomorrow.
September 12Visit Wheeling and Moundsville.
September 9Big push for CHI. Pandemic sux. But students rock!
September 6Vivian and James' FarOut paper accepted to SUI.
September 1First day back in the Qeexo office. New offices too!
August 31First day of Fall semester classes. Masked and in person.
August 28Farewell to Cathy party.
August 22Lower Yough with D&A, Erin and Amy in duckies.
August 17Daehwa joins the lab. Welcome!
August 16Make it to front page of Sunday PG with Karan. Above the fold!
August 10Green roof tiles arrive.
August 7Kayak camping down the Clarion for 5 days.
August 4Roof repairs for rest of week.
July 31Raft upper Yough. Don't think our tiny raft is up for it.
July 28EyeMU paper accepted to ICMI 2021! Go Andy!
July 27ARM Startup Day panel. Neema visits.
July 24Start putting in steps from parking lot.
July 11Western PA Bird Show has some very cute creatures!
July 4Ogans visit with Emily. Eileen teaches Pip two new songs.
July 3Pickup some weird stuff at Salvation before it closes.
June 27Lab escape room and dinner social event.
June 24Water meter swap.
June 18Pickup zoning permit for Hoffman.
June 17NSF Panel. Two Frays opens! Insurance adjuster visits.
June 13Yang's Troast and crazy storm that rips roof off.
June 11Checkout crazy radio station property with A&D.
June 5Pip joins family.
May 28 Head to WV for New River Gorge and Gauley.
May 2724 hours of tourism in Charleston.
May 23Head to Kure for R&R with Harrisons. Building planning.
May 22REI returns. BBQ with David & Alex.
May 13Bose Innovation Series talk. Zensors accepted to YC.
May 10CHI begins. Lab presenting six papers. DHCS final bakeoff.
May 8Mission spool-possible. Success.
May 5Visit Audubon native plant nursery.
May 4Get second jab.
May 1First rafting trip of the summer at Slippy.
April 27Lab frisbee golf social.
April 25Polymath Park. Kayak North Yough from Whitsett to Smithton.
April 24Girty's Woods trash collection.
April 23Setup Etsy shop.
April 22Earth Day volunteering at Girty's Woods.
April 21Final approval and production begins at Broadly.
April 20Give virtual talk at CMU Portugal. Checkout proof at Broadly.
April 15Give talk at MSTC. Listen to Herron Hill Pumping Station lectures.
April 8Get vaccinated.
April 7All hands on deck for the UIST Deadline.
April 5All the trees are blooming and its lovely.
March 31ALT successfully purchases Girty's Woods.
March 19Pickup bulk bird seed from StormWorks.
March 10Lab picnic at Flagstaff.
March 5Qeexo virtual team event.
February 25Give IxDA Pittsburgh talk.
February 24Pickup new ring for Amy. Call Sergei to get his help with Hoffman.
February 20Art night with Bill and Mick.
February 14Make first seriously nice loaf of bread.
February 13Catch up with Gierad. Craig visits Pittsburgh.
February 7Glue Erin's couch back together.
February 550th Anniversary of Edgar Mitchell landing on the moon.
January 16Start figuring out Gloomhaven.
January 9Start clearing off Hoffman driveway.
January 7Hoffman Closing.
January 6WTF

December 31Proper tires on the Jeep.
December 25Harrisons in Pittsburgh for white Christmas.
December 17Zensors moves into proper offices.
December 16Setup our first Christmas tree in Pittsburgh.
December 15Final day of the second weirdest semester.
December 12Five papers conditionally accepted to CHI.
December 3HCII virtual holiday party.
November 25Big loop to visit family.
November 12Begin quarantine in prep for family visit.
November 3Election Day. Make offer on Hoffman. Complex closing begins.
November 2Noreen successfully defends PhD! Congrats!
October 31First visit to Hoffmann Hill.
October 30Desk Reject brand is born.
October 29Yang defends his PhD! Roof deck permits approved.
October 23Return to the Yough. RV camping.
October 21Plenary Speaker at (sadly virtual) TCL Technology Innovation Conference.
October 20Virtual UIST kicks off.
October 16Quest 2 arrives. Very impressed.
October 10Raft the Yough. Pwned at Dimple Rock.
October 8ARM TechCon "Machine Learning at the Edge" panelist.
October 5Talk at U. Chicago distinguished speaker series.
September 29Vivian joins FIG! Welcome!
September 26Welding party in back yard.
September 25Pandemic Legacy Season 2 arrives.
September 22City attorneys working on case against Lamar.
September 19Unpack new custom raft. Clearly a huge upgrade.
September 17Massive CHI push is successful. Farewell for Sven :(
August 31Demo complete at Erin's house.
August 19Prepare to join CMU IRB. Gearing up for CHI crunch.
August 17Nathan joins FIG as new Ph.D. student!
August 14Meet with Nik to figure out in-class AV for Fall semester hybrid teaching.
August 12Wish it could have been a week long. But fancy dinner was nice!
August 10Begin three day kayak trip down Allegheny River. Excape games on river.
August 8Emily wraps shooting on "My Story".
August 6Garnetts visit.
August 2Conemaugh river rafting with Barry.
July 5Millvale to Downtown kayaking with Ogans.
July 4Pittsburgh fireworks canceled, but Garfield didn't get the word.
June 3050th anniversary of video calling event with PGH Mayor and Alcoa Chairman.
June 16Lab approved to carefully reopen and resume some research activities.
June 11Pandemic Legacy Season 1 arrives.
May 29With semester over, I finally get around to installing architectural lighting.
May 19Roof camping begins as Pandemic worsens. Start playing Pandemic.
May 7Weld Moroccan spikes and lanterns onto back fence.
May 6UIST deadline under the weirdest circumstances.
April 30Last day of (remote) class in a truly bizarre semester.
April 18With excuse to get some fresh air, we visit first vacant land.
April 12Start to unpack and get settled back in.
April 11Make it back to US. Zero heath checks upon arrival blows mind.
April 10Depart Rwanda a month ahead of schedule with great sadness. Hope to return.
April 7Horribly ill with food poising? Rough 24 hours. But not COVID.
April 5All packed up and waiting for final date of repatriation flight.
April 22nd (and suggested final) embassy flight announced; reluctantly decide to go home.
March 25US embassy announces repatriation flight, but we decide to stay.
March 21Commission local artist to decorate Chukudu.
March 20Rwanda closes borders and airspace, bracing for Pandemic.
March 18After days of frantic rebooking, Erin flies to Canada before airspace closes.
March 16Back in Kigali. Erin supposed to depart, but snafu with transiting through Europe.
March 15Gisenyi and Lake Kivu. CMU Africa campus closed; classes now remote.
March 14Stay on ridge between the twin lakes; surreal views. First Rwandan COVID-19 case.
March 13Climb Bisoke. Very cool Afroalpine vegetation.
March 12Head west. Buy chukudu en route. Creates a bit of scene though...
March 11Scope our Kigali Convention Center for future conference possibilities.
March 9Ten years in the making, I finally purchase a dugout canoe. Head back to Rwanda.
March 8Arrive to Lake Bunyonyi a day late, but have time to unwind.
March 7Salt mines. Serpentine belt disaster. Spend night in Ishaka.
March 6Drive up to Uganda; Queen Elizabeth NP. Lots of animals; lions at 20' awesome.
March 5Erin visits us in Rwanda.
March 2Visit Livingstone–Stanley Monument. Fly back from Burundi. Airport shakedown.
March 1Visit Royal Drummers in Gishora. Really amazing and the only people there.
February 29Explore sights and sounds of Bujumbura.
February 28Fly to Burundi. Cocktails by the beach.
February 21Buy unbelievable number of Rwandan baskets for massive wall installation.
February 20Pickup up CEPGL papers from Immigration Ministry.
February 19CMU Africa alumni event.
February 16Drive back to Kigali; Ogan's last night in Kigali. Roof cocktails.
February 15Take in four of Africa's "Big 5" on epic tour of park. Ridge road amazing.
February 14Two nights in and around Akagera NP. Elephants by boat first.
February 13Visit market with Ogans; custom clothes. Pickup Land Cruiser for safari.
February 12Take Ogans to Gatagara Pottery and King Palace Museum in Nyanza.
February 9Start journey back to Rwanda for semester in CMU Africa. Dearborn lot sells.
February 8Archery tag and then mostly kick back with Qeexo crew.
February 7Team building exercises and fancy dinners. Great to see everyone.
February 6Fly to Austin for Qeexo company retreat.
January 22Fly back to US to wrap up outstanding business and continue research.
January 21Pickup commissioned furniture and kitanga art. House looking better.
January 17Weekend drive to Gatagara Pottery and King's Palace Museum in Nyanza.
January 14Collect rental car and move into AirBnB. Start getting settled.
January 13Semester kicks off at CMU Africa.
January 12Start long journey from Merida to Kigali.
January 11Uxmal with Harrisons.
January 10Unbelievable wedding at Hacienda Sac Chich. Big congrats to B&A.
January 9Barbershop and wedding reception. Amy's accidental crocodile swim.
January 8Cuzamá Cenotes with gaggle. Parador X’Tohil cenotes too.
January 7Drive to Villahermosa, stopping at Palenque en route. Fly to Merida.
January 6Bonompac & Yaxchilan. Night crocodile tour.
January 5Splish splash around Las Nubes. Drive to Lacanjá. Rejected from Los Domos.
January 4Chinkultic. Laguna de Montebello. Erin departs. Stunning drive.
January 3Comitan. Cascades el Chiflon. Lagos de Colón.
January 2San Pedro and Zinacantán. Hermosillo Metalisteria bat lock. Amatenango.
January 1Big walking tour of the city.

December 31Chorreadero caving. San Cristóbal de las Casas for New Year's.
December 30Boat up El Sumidero Canyon. Dinner in Tuxla. Pumpo!
December 29Depart for Mexico, Tuxtla Gutiérrez.
December 27Back at CMU to wrap projects.
December 20Depart to see family for holidays. Sad to miss Qeexo curling.
December 19First attempt at creating Picturephone internals.
December 18Final dinner before travels with Bill and Mick.
December 17All hands Qeexo Pittsburgh dinner with Sang.
December 16Pickup motorcycle after puncture.
December 13DHCS final bakeoff. Semester over.
December 12Lube up Enigma machines. HCII Holiday Party.
December 10Sync up with Brian.
December 9Four papers accepted to CHI 2020!
December 6Qeexo social at my place. Amy off to Rwanda.
November 27In Richmond for Thanksgiving.
November 23In NY for surprise. Kick back a bit.
November 22Meetings in Philly. Dinner with Kaja and crew.
November 20Guest lecture in Sensing and Sensors.
October 28Ad hoc rafting adventure with Jason.
October 26Halloween at LP's.
October 25Anniversary wraps. Pitt homecoming fireworks.
October 24HCII 25th anniversary celebration kicks off. Reception at Warhol.
October 23Yang presents Sozu and ActiTouch. Head home.
October 22Tour of NOLA's very cool IT command center.
October 21Karan presents MeCap and LightAnchors. Demo reception.
October 20Depart for UIST in New Orleans.
October 16CONIX all hands annual review.
October 10Present at ARM TechCon on future of smart devices and ML.
October 8DHCS Bakeoff 1. Depart for ARM TechCon in CA.
October 7Forensic disassembly of CMU's two enigma machines with lab.
October 6Doors Open Pittsburgh super fun. Big thanks to all the volunteers.
October 2Start prepping for UIST demos. LightAnchors release.
September 30Hiking in lovely McConnells Mill State Park.
September 29Decompress a bit at Buhl Mansion.
September 25First physical investigation of CMU's AT&T Picturephones.
September 20CHI deadline. Big Crunch, but it all comes together.
September 15Dinner with Bill and Mick. Catch up on summer adventures.
September 13Qeexo paintball outing.
September 11ACM UbiComp kicks off. Karan and Gierad presenting three papers.
September 10Back home. CHI crunch begins.
September 6Give my parting Fellows talk; indebted to the Packard Foundation.
September 4In Bay Area for business, Packard Fellows meeting.
August 31Spider unexpectedly joins family. So sweet.
August 29Booth arrives after long journey from China. Assembly a bit of a beast.
August 28Celebratory send off at Hofbrauhaus for Tim with Qeexo PGH team.
August 27Teach first class of the semester.
August 23Amy finally home after a busy summer of research.
August 21Scott and Patrick join crew in 407 Craig.
August 20Two days of Ph.D. communication talks kick off.
August 19New Ph.D. orientation kicks off.
August 18Depart for home, via Zurich. All bags make it.
August 17Terri flies home; helps take back some whopper checked bags.
August 13Pull into museum under surprise refurbishment. Unload and unwind.
August 12Set off, loaded with fossils, back to the National Museum in Dar.
August 11Pack up camp and prep for departure. Now with dogs.
August 5Morani return in tense standoff. All hands community pow wow.
August 4Morani intrude at dinner. Unresolved issues.
August 2One day field school with visiting students. Terri arrives.
August 1Amy departs for her own field work. Wild ride out of camp.
July 31Unusually heavy rain liquifies roads.
July 18Deploy solar array. Internet looks like a no-go this season.
July 17Pickup rest of team. Arrive at Laetoli and pitch camp.
July 16Set off for field. Nyama choma at Picnic. Night in Arusha.
July 15Pack Land Cruisers. Final prep.
July 14Decompress on Bongoyo Island. Quick shopping expedition to Mwenge.
July 12Sven debugging Trump tax and containerized shipping complexities.
July 8Bag delayed, but all equipment eventually arrives safe. Field prep begins.
July 6Depart for Dar es Salaam.
July 4Kick back on roof for Garfield fireworks.
July 2Qeexo PGH dinner with Sang.
June 29Test solar array, GPS loggers and field equipment.
June 27HCII Happy Hour.
June 26Gierad defends Ph.D. thesis on Context-Driven Implicit Interactions.
June 25Ian arrives in PGH for summer internship.
June 22Four papers accepted to UIST. Meet Amy in Chicago for AIED.
June 20UIST Program Committee meeting at Stanford. Booth for lab ordered.
June 16Depart for business in California.
June 12Link up with Ogans in Ocean City.
June 7Faculty First Friday at our place.
June 4ClassInsight California deployment progressing. Zensbbq at Chip's.
May 28Relaxing and detoxifying walk along cliffs of Howth
May 27Trinity College and Book of Kells.
May 26Explore sights and sounds of Dublin. Guinness Brewery tour.
May 25Teeling Distillery. Greyhound racing. Beheading. Copper Face Jacks.
May 24Dublin Bohemians football game.
May 23Depart for Dublin lads party.
May 22First HOST meeting. Banjo night with Lilian and Dominik.
May 21Yang presents his Ph.D. Proposal. Congrats and welcome party.
May 20Sven arrives! Newest member of the FIGLAB!
May 18Penn Ave cleanup. Roundtable with David Kelley. Hood Robert.
May 13Noreen Ph.D. proposal. DHCS final bakeoff. Semester over.
May 9Hire RV for weekend explorations with Jason, Eliane, Walker, and Amy.
May 5Depart for ACM CHI in Scotland for week.
April 12Plaque unveiling for CMU's first computer. Farewell to Jesse :(
April 5UIST Deadline. Ben and Terri come to visit. First Friday.
March 22Party with Walker until the wee hours. "Who's here for dodgeball?!" at Spirit.
March 21Ph.D. open house. Meet with Andrew Meade McGee on computing history.
March 16Back home. UIST projects coming together.
March 15Explore Santo Domingo sights. Night on the town with Bachata dancing.
March 14Off to Santo Domingo. Rio Damajagua waterfalls. La Cumbre amber mines.
March 13Mostly chill. Beach combing. Playa Sousa for sunset.
March 12Boat over to Los Haitises National Park. Continue to Cabarete. Nagua cheese!
March 11Relocate to Tree House Village. Cascada Limón. Sunset on Playa El Valle.
March 10Boat to Playa Fronton and Madama. Afternoon at Playa Rincon.
March 9Loving the direct flight to Dominican Republic. Land and head for Las Galeras.
February 20Alex and Bridget in da burgh. Drinks & dinner. New mattress arrived too!
February 19Amy receives Moran Professorship. Dinner with Morans super fun.
February 13Qeexo social outing. Wheel mill was seriously fun.
January 23Sang in town for Qeexo Pittsburgh all hands.
January 17Cathy joins the lab.
January 13Amy returns from field work. Semester starts. Research gearing up.
January 9Erin, now faculty at Pitt, to live with us for a few months.
January 8Push on to Casablanca for plane back to US. Amy off to Ivory Coast.
January 7Visit Chellah, Hassan Tower. Antiques store tempts final purchases.
January 6Harrisons drop car while Amy and I stay in Rabat. Serious hammam treatment.
January 5Stunning morning drive to Rabat; exploring main sights with Harrisons.
January 4Chefchaouen super cute. Literally made for instagram.
January 3Morning in Meknes, delicious pastries. Arrive in Chefchaouen.
January 1Explore Fes for two days. Hammam.

December 31Push north to Fes, stopping at Cedar Gouraud + monkeys.
December 30Up for sunrise over dunes. Depart camp for mine tour and fossils.
December 29To Khemliya, via Dades & Todra gorges. Camel to desert camp with Gnawa music.
December 28Telouet, salt mine, Tizi N'Tichka, Aït Benhaddou, stay in Agoulzi.
December 26Explore Marrakech's speciality souks, main sights.
December 25Pickup car, depart Casablanca for Marrakech.
December 24Depart for Morocco.
December 23After much battling, and many trips to HD, Garnett sink is installed.
December 20In Richmond for few days before holidays.
December 11HCII faculty mini retreat at Indigo. Jason Hong endows two chairs!
December 8Delicious dinner with Bill and Mick. VR fun.
December 6Buy antique fire extinguisher for speakeasy. Zensors holiday party.
December 5Air Force demos. HCII holiday party.
November 29Wide ranging dinner conversations with Kori Inkpen.
November 23Eileen's debut performance at Pittsburgh CLO.
November 22In Pittsburgh for TG. First guests in speakeasy.
November 17Three tons of gravel arrives for the lot. Heavier than it looks.
November 15CHI reviews out; rebuttals begin.
November 12Engadget team arrives to film for two days.
November 9HCII Happy Hours returns! Mulled cider on the Gates terrace.
November 6Midterm elections.
November 5No dice with Hamilton tickets. Upgrade SodaStream to 20 lbs CO2 tank.
November 3Pickup costumes. Halloween Party at LP’s.
November 2First Friday walkabout with junior faculty.
October 30TiE Pittsburgh Keynote at AlphaLab Gear.
October 27Start building speakeasy bar with Tom.
October 26Build wine rack. Downtown galleries and Knights of the Arcade.
October 25Bartinale in town for long weekend of fun and fabrication.
October 18Oculus Go arrives. Very impressed for price.
October 15Lab presents two papers. Vibrosight picks up best paper nomination.
October 14Depart for ACM UIST in Berlin. Impressed with Wow air.
October 7Finish tin ceiling install. Trim next.
October 6Words cannot express my disappointment.
September 30Start speakeasy renovation begins. Buckets full of coal dust!
September 29Sell old motorcycle. Bettye Lavette concert with Bill and Mick.
September 26CONIX annual meeting. Unbelievable quantify of work going on.
September 23Hit WW2 museum before heading back to Pittsburgh. Extremely impressive.
September 21Wrap CHI and jet off to New Orleans for Qeexo US offices retreat.
September 10CHI crunch is officially here. All hands on deck.
September 5Off to Packard Fellows retreat and 30th anniversary in San Diego. Ear hell.
September 6Team Z kickoff and dinner.
August 31Noreen passes Oral Qualifier. Congrats!
August 25Alloy at Carrie Blast Furnaces art opening. Bump into Niki and Carissa
August 24Dinner at Fish nor Fowl. Impressed.
August 20Farewell Robert dinner. Unforgettable seven year ride.
August 19Drive home via Sandusky for Toft Dairy and lake views.
August 18Explore Detroit with Jason & Eliane. Steve & Ashley wedding!
August 17Drive to Detroit, via Youngstown for Brier Hill pizza and Handel’s ice cream.
August 14Sell Saab. Old motorcycle next on list.
August 12First assault on the lot. Maybe half way there?
August 10Combined dinner with Mick and Bill.
August 9Harrisons visit for long weekend. Much chatting and tea.
July 30BBQ at Bigham’s for summer interns.
July 26Finish writing Interactions magazine cover story.
July 21Weld second new trellis with Amy. Climbing roses.
July 20Explore new Tepper building. Save Albright Church canvasing.
July 19Kayaking with Qeexoids plus dinner at Penn Brewery. Geoffrey send off.
July 15We can’t resist the call of succulents any longer. Buying spree.
July 13First official deployment of ClassInsight sensors.
July 11Denise in town. Discuss HCI and paleontological field work possibilities.
July 7Off to Ocean City to kick back with Ogan gang.
June 28Sang in town. All hands Qeexo PGH dinner.
June 23Yang back for one weekend to wrap Electrick boards.
June 21Escape room with Qeexoids, followed by drinks at Strange Roots.
June 16The Huntington is amazing. Succulent collection is world class.
June 13Off to LA for long weekend. Balboa Island, UCI, LA, Malibu.
June 9Weld new trellis with Amy. Onion dome is sweet!
June 2Buy new motorcycle after 15 years on my trusty CM250C. Carissa’s Party.
May 30Robert’s Ph.D. defense and toast. Congrats Dr. Xiao!
May 29Julia and David in town for a few days. Catch up.
May 26Pretty Up Penn Ave cleanup. Ioby exceeds $2500 goal. Hat's off to Nina!
May 25Gierad proposes thesis work. Amazing work lined up for home stretch.
May 24Summer research officially kicks off by welcoming amazing interns.
May 18Depart for long weekend in Kure Beach. Chill with Harrisons.
May 16Evi’s last day in the lab. Best of luck in your future endeavors!
May 15IMWUT deadline. Then drinks, dinner and escaping with Elena.
May 14Dinner with Kevin and Brian at Federal Galley.
May 10AUTM panel. Tim and Colleen in town.
May 9CONIX meet and greet at Pizza Taglio.
May 8DHCS final bakeoff. NSF deadline.
May 5Test drive a bunch of cars and motorcycles. Time for a transport upgrade.
May 2Last day of class. Gearing up for summer.
April 28Lazy breakfast, hiking, then spa day.
April 27Via Ferrata is so much fun! Poutine then sugar shack.
April 26Head north to Laurentian Mountains. Stay in tree houses.
April 25Montreal bagel showdown: St-Viateur vs. Fairmount. No contest.
April 22In Montreal for CHI. Use weekend to explore with old friends.
April 18Banjo night with some junior faculty.
April 14CMU China Summit Panel. Trees are all flowering and it makes me happy.
April 10John Cage “prepared piano” music at CJ with Bill and Mick.
April 6Archery outing with team Qeexo.
April 5Soju opens! And it's delicious!
April 4Push a bunch of excellent research to UIST 2018.
March 27Anuraag and Gierad pitch at McGinnis Venture competition; 1st place.
March 25First Zensors box is deployed on my roof for stress testing.
March 24Start restoring 114 year old entrance tile. Gonna look amazing.
March 23HCII Ph.D. open house at our place.
March 19CBS crew in the lab filming projects and interviewing people.
March 13In California for sponsor meetings.
March 12In Atlanta for Cheng Zhang’s Ph.D. thesis defense. Congrats Dr!
March 10Bill’s 70th!
March 8Dosa extravaganza with Qeexoids at Udipi.
March 4Art night with Lee.
February 21Zensors box v1 is constructed. Getting real.
February 18Visit CMNH, Bearded Lady Project, orchid show.
February 17At Denise’s for Chinese New Year.
February 15UbiComp deadline. Honored to be named a Sloan Fellow.
February 8Lunch at Choolaah. Interesting concept.
February 2Sending out loads of Mites to interested companies.
January 31Competitive axe throwing with Qeexo crew.
January 28Dinner with Bill, Mick, Anne and Brad.
January 27In California for CONIX kickoff and Qualcomm talk.
January 23Meet with Campus Design about Forbes Ave. Cools guys.
January 20Paint closets, one of the last rooms left untouched.
January 18Ethereal Ball HCII Happy Hour.
January 11HCII Faculty Retreat at Bedford Springs.
January 8RIP Disney Research Pittsburgh. Thanks for all the amazing memories and research.
January 6CHI camera readies and lab upgrades.
January 5Back in PGH to kickoff semester.
January 1Head home to snowy NYC. Chill with Harrison’s before semester starts.

December 31LxFactory. Museum do Azulejo. Amy departs. Aquarium. New Years!
December 30Quinta da Regaleria, Pena Palace, delicious dinner.
December 29Belem Tower, Pastel de data, many museums and ceramics by the kg.
December 28South to the Algarve. Cape Saint-Vincent. Time Out Market.
December 27Explore Évora. Megaliths.
December 26Feira da Ladra. Sesimbra. Alfarim procession. Pavilhão Chinês.
December 24Train to JFK, fly to Lisbon.
December 22Fireplace is a masterpiece!
December 20Finish laying down wood floor for Garnetts.
December 18Drive from Mechanicsburg to Richmond.
December 14Qeexo tour of Cinderlands Brewery, plus drinks and board games.
December 12DHCS Final Bakeoff. Semester almost over. Zensors heating up.
December 12DHCS Final Bakeoff. Semester almost over. Zensors heating up.
December 9So proud to see two of my Ph.D. students go to first CHI PC.
December 8Hillman Professorship for Ken! HCII Holiday Party!
December 7Huge Qeexo milestone: 100 million devices with our ML engine.
December 1Detour to Harrisons for weekend. Persian dinner.
November 30With Amy in NYC for CMU 50th event. Awesome alumns.
November 29Catch up with Lana over dinner! Intel Outstanding Researcher Award.
November 22Etown for Thanksgiving. Buy my first suit!
November 20Host BTI folks at FIGLAB. Imaginarium with Qeexoids.
November 17Speak at Road to Global Entrepreneurship Summit. Movie props sale.
November 16Qeexo conf rooms named: Splashy, Frolic and Nimbus. Dinner with Shiri.
November 13 Honored to receive A. Nico Habermann Chair in Computer Science.
November 10In Phoenix for Ruth’s wedding party. Ian, Scott, Erin, and Ido!
November 8On Pittsburgh 2025 Panel with Fitzgerald, Russo, Singh & Cestello.
November 2Home upgraded with whole house humidifier. Dinner with Lee and Dara.
October 27Julia visits! Celebratory Qeexo dinner.
October 25Au revoir Quebec. Head home with new ideas.
October 23ACM UIST 2017 kicks off! Program chair duties almost complete.
October 22Build custom bar stools with Ogans. Depart for UIST in Quebec.
October 20Visit Butler Technologies; friendly people and fascinating tech.
October 18Campus walk with Andrew, dinner with Jared.
October 17Engaging George Takei talk, but stump him on independence movements.
October 12Catch up with Aubrey over coffee. Named as Hambermann Chair in CS.
October 7Pick up stripped doors. Farewell dinner for Justine w/ Bill and Mick.
October 6Host junior faculty for drinks and Penn Ave crawl. LP!
October 5"Local on the Rocks" with Kevin and Brian. Boozy.
September 30New granite for master bath arrives. Commence work on built-ins.
September 28Have Qeexo crew over for sundowners.
September 27Thrival AI panel pretty meh.
September 26Dinner with Dara and Lee.
September 19Survive CHI deadline. Post deadline celebration at Porch.
September 18Rajen joins Qeexo family. ML engine now shipped on 80M devices.
September 12Luau themed HCII Happy Hour pretty insane. Kayur in town.
September 11Two new Ph.D. students join FIGLAB, Yasha and Karan!
September 10Discuss research with my CS heroes Reddy, van Dam and Lazowska.
September 9Fly home. Attempt to clear plate in prep for CHI madness.
September 7Packard Fellows meeting for next three days. Inspiring group.
September 6Productive day of packed meetings. Drive into Monterey late.
September 5Busy day capped with Google IoT Tech Talk. Surprise dinner with Alex!
September 4Off to Silicon Valley for week of meetings and events.
August 31Sharif gives us tour of Safi Juice renovations. Dinner with Lee and Dara.
August 28First day of classes. Kickoff collaborations with ASU.
August 17Cheng Zhang thesis proposal talk. Congrats.
August 16Drive and then fly back home from Grand Manan.
August 14Gierad on NPR's All Things Considered.
August 10Start lazy week of beach combing and chatting with Brewers. Bliss.
August 9Fly to Maine, then drive to Grand Manan.
August 7Amy in Philly for meetings. First time for me, so explore. Cheese Steak.
August 6In Etown for family gathering and memories.
August 2Head to Harrison homestead for few days R&R.
July 26Riverhounds game with Qeexo crew (getting really big).
July 25Brad and Ann over for sundowners.
July 19Global Learning X-Prize celebratory dinner at Jack's. Congrats!
July 17Dirty cops, toll roads, no gas money and other adventures on way to MEX.
July 16Inlaid wood at Santa María del Río, Mines & cheese at Mineral de Pozos. Querétero hotel.
July 15Explore San Luis Potosi. Hipster food and drafts.
July 14Zacahuil for breakfast. Enjoy San Luis Potosi's museums and architecture.
July 13500M sinkhole repel. Sunset at Cave of Swallows. Wet pickup home. Aquismón.
July 12Wander Xilitla. Rafting with Mundo. Learn about James.
July 11Jalpan to Xilitla. Explore Edward James' Las Pozas.
July 10Explore Sierra Gorda. Cueva del Diablo. Cecina is relish! Night ATV.
July 9Drive from Mexico City to Jalpan, via Tequisquiapan and Bernal.
July 8Escape to Mexico for vacation. Meet up with Amy and Erin.
June 22UIST PC kicks off in Pittsburgh.
June 10Brad's 60th Birthday bash at Carnegie Science Center.
June 5Qeexo hackathon starts.
May 28Brittany and Elijah's wedding in Charlottesville.
May 25Visit Intel in Portland. Lots of good connections.
May 23Start three day loop of West Coast; Bay Area first.
May 19Harrisons visit for weekend. Gardening.
May 15Final Bakeoff for DHCS. Start battling through post CHI emails.
May 14Back home in PGH.
May 13Mountain biking followed by Arches NP until sunset.
May 12Repelling around Moab. Canyonlands NP for sunset. WSJ coverage.
May 11Depart for Moab with Steve, Jason, Eliane and Amy.
May 8Electrick video goes viral.
May 7Depart for ACM CHI in Denver.
April 13Lots of lab demos for inaugural HCII Demo Day.
March 29Robert presents his thesis proposal. Passes.
March 6Kickoff week-long Mites constellation data collection study.
February 22First episode of Crash Course Computer Science airs! 40 to go!
February 21Welcome Ravi and Will to the Qeexo ML team.
February 16Qeexo + Wahila Creative mixer. Bowling with Jae and Jason.
February 10Carnegie's Millions with Bernstein and junior faculty.
February 1Scotch HCII Happy Hour was a hit.
January 28Chinese New Year feast with Denise in Cleveland.
January 27Drinks with new neighbors Brad and Ann.
January 17First day of classes.
January 8Back in da 'Burgh. Unpack and prep for start of year.
January 4Back in US. First stop is Richmond to see family. E-Town tomorrow.
January 3Final push to Balmaceda. "Gas Station" hunt. Fly home via Santiago and Dallas.
January 2Marble Caves by boat and glacier views on foot.
January 1Drive to Puerto Río Tranquilo. Unbelievable Lupins and scenery.

December 31Stunning drive to Coyhaique.
December 30Plunge further south. Hikes along route. Stay in funky Puyuhuapi.
December 29Drive and ferry south to Chaitén. Parque Pumalín hike.
December 28Flight to Puerto Montt. Pickup SUV for Carretera Austral. Hornopirén NP.
December 27Visit historical sites. Afternoon ferry to penguin-filled Magdalena Island.
December 26Bus back to Punta Arenas. Explore town's sites and sounds.
December 25Morning hike up above Glacier Grey. Ferry and car back to Peurto Natales.
December 24Final push to Glacier Grey. New year eve's dinner celebration.
December 23 Stunning views of the Cuernos, avalanches on Glaciar Frances.
December 22Beautiful day two. Weather clears. End in Albergue Los Cuernos.
December 21First day of 'W' trek. Hike to Torres del Paine view. Torrential rain.
December 20Bus to Puerto Natales. Prep for hike.
December 19Arrive in Punta Arenas. Rendezvous with Harrisons.
December 18Off to Chile for winter holiday.
December 15Move into new Qeexo office! Epic upgrade.
December 14Student eval meeting all day, followed by HCII Holiday Party.
December 12DHCS final bakeoff. End of year camera ready push begins.
December 10Explore Denver. Star Wars consume exhibit, Bar Faust, Hop Alley.
December 8Last day of classes. Depart for CHI program committee meeting in Denver.
December 7New Qeexo office build out almost complete. Painting starting soon.
December 5SCS concentrations meeting. Refinance with FNB.
November 30Qeexo escapes room in record time, followed by cricket-heavy dinner.
November 23Aubrey stops by Qeexo. Volunteer packing Thanksgiving dinners.
November 15Mmmm.. Hot mulled cider at HCII Happy Hour.
November 11Erin loves escape rooms; second in 24 hours.
November 10Hiroshi Ishii visits CMU. Brewpub neighborhood town hall meeting.
November 9Erin Walker returns to the Burgh.
November 8Robert presents DIRECT and CapCam research at ACM ISS. Trump.
November 6Congrats to Kelly and Erik; best puzzle wedding ever.
November 3Party at Essig's new project. Impressive renovation.
November 1IRB full board meeting. Ian Cheng visits lab for demos. Bakeoff 2 in DHCS.
October 29Parents in town. Food, long walks, pet expo, gardening, and so much chatting.
October 27Big lab sync up. Start to coalesce research agenda.
October 22Jim+Iris wedding at National Aviary. Congrats! Fun and lots of old friends.
October 21Jason, Eliane and Stephen back in town. Feel's like old times!
October 20Back in PGH. Jet lag is a monster.
October 19Robert presents latest EIT research. ViBand also picks up Best Talk award.
October 18Hats off to Gierad for live demo during ViBand talk. Best paper award!
October 17Yang presents work on AuraSense. UIST Demo session big success.
October 15Depart for ACM UIST 2016 in Tokyo!
October 14R&P meeting. Celebrate with Ogan clan over dinner.
October 12Decision made – Qeexo PGH moving to sweet new digs in East Liberty.
October 7Drinks with Dow, Klemmer and junior faculty crew.
October 6HCII Happy Hour on Gates Terrance. "Siewiorek Old Fashioned" very tasty.
October 5Qeexo fun! Escape room, Voodoo Brewing, Cafe 33 and Hidden Harbor.
October 3Welcome three new Qeexoids(?) to ML team: Mike, Dan and Geoffrey.
September 28Jason in town for new Qeexo office blitz. Bicycle heaven & dinner.
September 21Another frantic CHI deadline done. Hats off to Gierad, Yang and Robert.
September 13Qeexo's fourth birthday. Amazing how far we've come!
September 8HCII Happy Hour featuring a stiff "Lemon Drag & Drop".
September 3Hang with Julia like old times. Cognac + Yuvraj = danger.
September 2Have Qeexo crew over for drinks and first friday food trucks.
September 1Dinner with Aubrey. Catch up on five years of missed chats.
August 25Semester kicks off with HCII Hofbrauhaus reception.
August 24Congrats to Robert on his two ISS paper acceptances.
August 21First floor commercial space build-out complete. Came together real nice.
August 19Begin long long journey home. Awesome craft loot makes it in one piece.
August 17Unpack expedition gear in Dar es Salaam. Feasting, but mostly cleaning.
August 16Medevac Richard. Everyone wishing him a speedy recovery.
August 15Camp teardown, Endulen market day, last fossils of the season.
August 12Sweet hyena cranium!
August 8Arusha supply run. Amy returns!
July 23Arusha supply run. Amy departs for her ed tech fieldwork in Mugeta.
July 18Depart for field. Enforced email break begins! Sooo.. Ready..
July 12Depart for Tanzania, via Addis Abababa.
July 7HCII Happy hour, this month with a "Text on the Beach".
July 6Carrie Furnace tour and happy hour with Qeexo crew.
July 5Jason in town. Best wishes to Nishant and Danny.
June 26Super productive weekend of nothing but writing grants.
June 233200 lbs of flooring delivered. Only one here to move it inside :(
June 22Meet up with Ian, Beth and friends for drinks downtown.
June 20After way way way too long, catch up with Gene and Karen.
June 13Jae Shin visits Qeexo Pittsburgh. Dinner at Pusadees with whole gang.
June 11Carrie Furnace tour with Ogans. Pipe organ paint and install.
June 9First floor commercial space build out begins.
June 6Josh starts at Qeexo. ML team firing on all cylinders.
Jun 1First HCII Happy Hour is a success. Seize the Dey popular.
May 27Ben and co. come to town. Fun weekend all over the city.
May 22First fireplace in Butler fully rehabilitated, and it's a beaut.
May 16Back in the burgh. Present to CMU trustees. Sang & Mike in town.
May 13Escape to Big Sur to kick back with Amy, Stephen, Jason and Eliane.
May 10Yang presents his work on SkinTrack. Video already at 250K views.
May 9Robert presents his MSR internship research to packed house.
May 8Off to CHI '16 in San Jose. Escape room with Julia and crew; missing clue!
April 30Evelyn and Kevin Wedding. So sweet.
April 14HCII Faculty Retreat in Cook Forest. We should do this every year!
April 9Speak at OPT412 event. Dinner with Cheevers and Paul Graham.
April 5Back in PGH. Dinner with Dan and Kate; tour their new North Side projects.
April 4In D.C. for NSF CAREER Workshop.
April 1In California for Ian and Beth's wedding; great to see so many old friends.
March 28Masters of HCI Open House. Meet some amazing folks at the reception.
March 18Ph.D. Open House kicks off. Stair steps refinishing begins.
March 17Start investigating fireplace installation.
March 12Pick up first batch of stripped mantles. Gonna be awesome!
March 4Off to Yale for PRT. A most curious and motley crew.
February 27Take four car-loads of mantles to Dip N Strip.
February 25Dinner at Nak Won Garden with Leslie and Justine.
February 13Crunch to get all graphics done for Qeexo booth at MWC.
February 12Carnegie Museum of Art's FEAST series; Vietnamese and New Orleans fusion.
February 10Qeexo team event. Escape Room, Voodoo Brewing, Dish, Acacia. Fun!
February 6Finally get around to installing chandeliers upstairs. Order lights for first floor.
January 25Qeexo family grows with addition of Leslie.
January 24Begin trek home. Snow snarls travel. End up driving from JFK.
January 16Depart for World Economic Forum in Davos.
January 15Nail down semester projects. Meet Ivan Sutherland at CMU exhibit opening.
January 8Return to the the burgh. Start prepping for semester and classes.
January 5Depart for CES in Las Vegas. Clear skies in PGH, weather delays in Vegas?!
January 4Unpack, prep for new year, freaky P.H. Butler human hair nets arrive.
January 2Coffee plantation tour. Guatemala City museums and central plaza. Fly home.
January 1Lazy walking tour of Antigua. Evening cocktails watching volcano erupt.

December 31Black salt from Sacapulas, Chichicastenango market, New Years in Antigua.
December 30Visit Acul, amazing weaving, cheese farm and waterfalls. Boxboles for dinner.
December 29Depart for Nebaj. Beautiful road to Laguna Magdalena. Afternoon in Chajul.
December 28Spectacular hiking around Todo Santos. Weavers along route to San Martin.
December 27North to Todo Santos. San Andrés Xecul & Momostenango market en route.
December 26Car dying. Limp to Zunil, Fuentes Georginas Hot Springs. Swap to pickup.
December 25Pick up rental car, west to Quetzaltenango, via Iximche, Godinez, Lake Atitlán.
December 24Depart for Guatemala with Harrisons. Xmas fireworks insanity.
December 19Kick back with Ogans in etown. Delicious food as usual.
December 17Head to Richmond for holidays with Garnetts.
December 16Black Friday meeting. Semester finally wrapped.
December 14DHCS final bakeoff. Ridiculously huge trophy this year.
December 12Dickens-Themed Ren Fair!? Burmese dinner with ol' Friendship House Crew.
December 9Fly to California for meetings, CHI Program Committee, Jason & Eliane dinner.
December 7Semester wrapping up fast. BOE visits CMU.
December 6Prep final lectures, NSF reviewing, and hearty dinner with Bill and Mick.
December 4Dow goodbye talk. First Friday on Penn. Free ceramics giveaway!
December 3EM-Sense video passes 150K views. FingerAngle over 75K.
November 30Qeexo dinner at Noodle Head to see off Danny.
November 23First draft of WEF slides done. Last drinks with Dow?
November 21In DC for JASON advisory board talk.
November 17Off to California for Google+CMU IoT basecamp meeting.
November 16Robert and Anhong present three papers at ITS. Yang's paper wins best note.
November 13B-day drinks with Bob. Dinner with Stefanie Mueller and Chinmay.
November 12Ishan gives talk on Gaze+Gesture at ICMI. Wins best student paper!
November 11Gierad wins best talk for EM-Sense; presents work on 3D printed hair.
November 9Gierad and Yang present their papers at UIST, both with on stage live demos.
October 20James Pierce defends. Celebratory dinner with James, Eric and co.
October 15JDI visits. Cool tech. Dinner with FIGLABers.
October 14Wrangling with DPW pays off. Ramp looks good and we're ADA compliant.
October 8Krzysztof visiting from Harvard. Penn Ave Phase 2 community meeting.
October 5Danny arrives at Qeexo Pittsburgh. Time to bust out some math.
October 3Groups visit from Midwest UX conference. FIGLAB demos galore.
September 28Jim heads west to new Qeexo Mountain View office.
September 25CHI deadline. Earlier submission time sux. Gallery crawl on Penn.
September 21Garfield 2030 meeting and activities.
September 19Happy owner of a Jeep Renegade. First new car I've owned.
September 18Troast Dr. Wiese, who departs tomorrow :(
September 10Packard talks are actually super fascinating! Learning much.
September 9Depart for three-day Packard Fellows Meeting in Monterey, CA.
September 2Mixtape opens :) Julia goodbye dinner :(
September 1First day of classes. CHI paper stack building. Bantha opens at long last!
August 29Mmmm... Tuck into a delicious brunch at Mankoff-Day residence.
August 27HCII orientation, plus junior faculty drinks at Acacia.
August 24PhD orientation kicks off. Robert, Gierad and Yang all back in town.
August 21Robert, Yang and Anhong get three papers accepted to ITS.
August 19Four-day Qeexo retreat. Amazing to see everyone together.
August 18Congrats to Ishan on his ICMI paper. Bill and Mick for diner.
August 9Manchester House & Garden Tour. Begin searching for new car.
August 7HCII dreamcatcher seven-hour monster cut. Worth it though!
August 2Delicious Indian brunch at Agarwal's house.
August 1Cut sugar skull series; hand painting to follow.
July 26CNC Mill some killer pantry doors. Save Albright Church block party.
July 24The end of an era: Friendship House sells.
July 21Thank you John A. for the excellent CNC training. Projects soon.
July 13Close out URA Facade Grant. Thanks PGH! Looks great!
July 11Start painting front doors. Pot new indoor plants.
July 9Demo CapCam and TouchTools. Catch up with Fogarty, Ko, and Morrises.
July 7Depart for Microsoft Research Faculty Summit. Glimpse the Holz.
July 5In Richmond to see Cece and Emily.
July 2ML "2.0" meeting. Emre departs for CA Qeexo office.
June 26Qeexo goes to the ol' ball game. Pirates win!
June 24Research sync up with Yang and Junhan. Roof chillin' with Walter.
June 23Amazing new Qeexo hires (thanks Julia!). Next chapter starts now.
June 21Depart for home. Amy off to Madrid for conference.
June 20Trakai, Kaunas, Cold War Museum in underground ICBM base! Jūrmala dinner.
June 19Explore city. Happens to be annual Vilnius Culture Night!
June 18Drop Erin at Riga Airport. Hill of Crosses en route to Vilnius, Lithuania.
June 17Bog shoeing and oh so many wild flowers.
June 16Viljandi en route to Soomaa national park. Cutest cabin ever. Smoke sauna!
June 15Explore Tallin's winding streets and delicious food.
June 14Ferry back to mainland with very tired arms (35km!). On to Tallin, Estonia!
June 12Red "cliffs", Pärnu, ferry to Vormsi. Begin two nights of sea kayak camping.
June 11Meet up with Erin. Art nouveau buildings galore.
June 10Start exploring Riga, Latvia. Ridiculously cheap dumplings.
June 9Rendezvous with Amy at JFK. Depart for vacation in Baltics!
June 8Accept offer on Friendship house.
June 7Long stroll through Storm King. McDonald & Peacock Cider House opening.
June 6Layover in NY for the weekend. Hang with mom.
June 3In California for CMU and Qeexo meetings.
June 2Put Friendship house on the market. "Steve" departs for Michigan.
May 18Operation pushy pushy with Stephen and Amy.
May 14HK Shella in town. Chat and drinks downtown.
May 9Start prepping Friendship house for sale.
May 4DHCS Final presentations. Great job guys! Semester almost over.
May 1Parents in town for total garden makeover. Cars and cars full of plants.
April 27Downtown with Sara and Laura for PERSAD art auction.
April 24In Hong Kong with Amy for CMU alumni event. Humbled by the warm welcome.
April 22CMU party is a blast. Hats off to Joonhwan and students for organizing.
April 17Depart for CHI 2015 in Seoul, Korea. Students presenting three papers.
April 13John Park and Sang in da 'burgh.
April 11House wins Post-Gazette renovation contest.
© Chris Harrison