I've been the proud owner of my 1982 Honda CM 250 Custom (CM250C) since 2002. I bought it in excellent condition and it has been running extremely well, especially considering the age of the bike. The tires and spark plugs are all I've had to replace so far. This motorcycle is light, maneuverable, and fun to ride. Although equipped with a 234cc engine producing around 17HP, it can achieve highway speeds in 5th gear without having to max the engine. This is a great bike, especially for beginners. Hope the information on this page is useful to you.

General Information
Years Manufactured: 1982 - 1984
Category: Classic, Custom
Engine & Transmission
Engine Displacement: 234.00 cc (14.28 cubic inches)
Engine Type: Four Stroke Twin
Horse Power (kW): 17.00 (12.4) @ 7500
Compression Ratio: 9.4 : 1
Compression Pressure: 170.7 psi (12.0 kg/cm2)
Bore x Stroke: 2.09 x 2.09 in (53.00 x 53.00 mm)
Valves Per Cylinder: 2
Fuel Control: OHC
Ignition System: CDI
Cooling system: Air
Gears: 5
Number of Plain / Friction Plates (cutch): 6 / 6
Transmission Type / Final Drive: Chain (1982, 1984) Belt (1983)
Weight (including oil and gas): 317.5 lbs (144.0 kg)
Top speed: ~75 mph (120 Km/h)
Fuel Efficiency: ~50 mpg, city (21 Km/L)
Engine & Transmission
Front Wheel Dimensions: 18 in
Rear Wheel Dimensions: 16 in
Front Tire Dimensions: 3.25S18-4PR
Rear Tire Dimensions: 110/90-16 59S
Front Tire Pressure: 25 psi (1.75 kg/cm2)
Rear Tire Pressure: 25 psi (1.75 kg/cm2)
Rear Tire Pressure (>200 lbs): 32 psi (2.25 kg/cm2)
Front Fork Travel: 5.5 in (140 mm)
Front Fork Oil Capacity: 4.56 fl oz (135 cc)
Rear Fork Travel: 2.9 in (75 mm)
Front and Rear Brakes: Expanding Brake (hub)
Engine & Transmission
Spark Plug Type (NGK / ND): CR7HS / U22FSR-U
Electrical System Voltage: 12 volts
Alternator Output: 190 watts @ 5000 rpm
Fuel capacity (total): 3.3 gal (12.5 lit)
Fuel capacity (reserve): 0.4 gal (1.5 lit)
Oil Capacity 1.6 qt (1.5 lit)


wiring diagram wire circuit


The 1982 Honda Custom CM250 Custom (CM250C) came with two color options: "Candy Muse Red with Candy Antares Red" and "Cosmo Black Metallic with Gray Metallic." The tank and side covers were two-toned, and the engine was sliver. It featured a rather nice gold Honda CM250 Custom decal on the side panel. The rear wheel was powered by a chain.

The 1983 Honda CM250 Custom was only available in black, with gas tank and side covers in chrome and red. The side cover decal was red and gold. The engine was black with a silver cylinder head and case covers.

I don't know much about the 1984 model. It know it reverted back to the chain drive like the 82 model, but I'm unsure about coloring. From a picture I found online, and a vague memory of seeing one being sold online, I think one of the color options was similar to the 82 burgundy-black combination.



Honda CM250 Custom 1982
Image Courtesy: Kelly Matthews
Honda CM250 Custom 1982


Honda CM250 Custom 1982
Honda C250 Custom 1982


Honda CM250 Custom 1983
Image Courtesy: Dave Kittlesen
Honda CM250 Custom 1983


Honda CM250 Custom 1984
Honda C250 Custom 1982/4?


Miscellaneous Paraphernalia






Honda had been offering similarly styled bikes before the CM250C was introduced. 185cc, 200cc, 250cc, 400cc, 450cc varieties were offered. The CM250C eventually evolved into the wildly popular Honda Rebel 250.

Honda CM 400 T 1981
Honda CM 185 T 1979

Honda CM 200 T 1981

Honda CM 450 1982

Honda CM450 Custom

Honda CM 125


The design was remarkably similar to many Suzuki's around that time too, even down to the trumpet exhausts and stepped seating.

Suzuki GS750G 1980

Suzuki GS650GL 1982

Suzuki GS550L 1979