I'm an Assistant Professor of Human-Computer Interaction at Carnegie Mellon University, directing the Future Interfaces Group. My group creates novel sensing and interface technologies that foster powerful and natural interactions between humans and computers. These research often lies in emerging use modalities, such as wearable computing, touch interfaces and gestural interaction. Please see my research brief for more details on my personal research. I am also a cofounder of Qeexo, a startup developing "rich-touch" interactive technologies.

My idea of the good life is one of education, creation, and adventure.

Chris Harrison
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

December 15CHI notifications released. Three papers accepted.
December 11Depart for CHI program committee meeting in Korea.
November 27First Thanksgiving at the new house. Ogans and Harrisons over.
November 19Dinner with Win at NOLA.
November 17Yahoo and Qualcomm meetings. Thank you for supporting my lab.
November 14HCII 20th anniversary celebrations kick off. Run electronics workshop.
November 11Akif in town. Qeexo goes to Interstellar.
November 2Amy returns from Chilean field work.
October 28Jon Froehlich visits. Catch up over dinner downtown.
October 21In California for Gigaom conference talk, Yahoo visit.
October 18Robert gets capcam project rolling. Start new sculpture project.
October 17Julia's Troast. "Life of Julia" board game.
October 15Humbled to be a 2014 Packard Fellow.
October 8Anthony presents Air+Touch work. Relocate to north shore for brief vacation.
October 7Gierad gives talk on "Skin Buttons" research. Luau!
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