I'm the Habermann Chair and an Assistant Professor of Human-Computer Interaction at Carnegie Mellon University, directing the Future Interfaces Group. My lab creates novel sensing and interface technologies that foster powerful and delightful interactions between humans and computers. This research often lies in emerging use modalities, such as wearable computing, touch interfaces and gestural interaction. Please see my research page for more details.

My idea of the good life is one of education, creation, and adventure.

Chris Harrison
School of Computer Science
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Future Interfaces Group
407 South Craig Street
Second Floor
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
December 12DHCS Final Bakeoff. Semester almost over. Zensors heating up.
December 9So proud to see two of my Ph.D. students go to first CHI PC.
December 8Hillman Professorship for Ken! HCII Holiday Party!
December 7Huge Qeexo milestone: 100 million devices with our ML engine.
December 1Detour to Harrisons for weekend.
November 30With Amy in NYC for CMU 50th event. Awesome alumns.
November 29Catch up with Lana over dinner!
November 22Etown for Thanksgiving. Buy my first suit!
November 20Host BTI folks at FIGLAB. Imaginarium with Qeexoids.
November 17Speak at Road to Global Entrepreneurship Summit.
November 16Qeexo conf rooms named: Splashy, Frolic and Nimbus. Dinner with Shiri.
November 13 Honored to receive A. Nico Habermann Chair in Computer Science.
November 10In Phoenix for Ruth’s wedding party. Ian, Scott, Erin, and Ido!
November 8On Pittsburgh 2025 Panel with Fitzgerald, Russo, Singh & Cestello.
November 2Home upgraded with whole house humidifier. Dinner with Lee and Dara.
October 27Julia visits! Celebratory Qeexo dinner.
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